How it works
Its all in the integration..
Working of Swasthya Slate

It is designed to be simple effective and dependable. The new system has integrated Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Heart Rate, ECG, Body Temperature units. So now no more different units we have merged many diagnostics into one!

The system also has a printer that allows for printout of the results immediately. You can connect our portable thermal printer or use an Android compatible printer to print the results out!

We have a special reader for rapid diagnostics kits of various kinds that help their digitization. It allows capture of all material and uploading those on the cloud. Truly a revolutionary design that is scalable and can allow multiple additions in the near future.

You can see some of our videos for demonstrations of the system.

Swasthya Slate being field tested -

Swasthya Slate demonstration by Dr. Kanav Kahol -

Demo of Swasthya Slate to Medical Officers in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha -

Swasthya Slate being field tested in Athagarh Community Health Centre in rural Odisha -