The Apps
The Swasthya Slate app bouquet..
We have the following apps in our system

All our applications stated below have been designed to offer unprecedented functionality to frontline health workers. They all have some salient features which help in better functioning of the healthcare system

Usability : All apps have high usability and conform to ISO standards on usability. This is important as we consider usability to be a basic human right and believe that by providing healthcare professionals with high usability and superior functionality we will increase the takeup of the technologies by professionals and patients!
Standalone : The entire Swasthya Slate system can work without connection to the cloud. This means that even in remote and rural areas, Swasthya Slate can aid frontline health professionals. Data can be sent to cloud through batch upload or single upload or continuously. Importantly we can use 2G, 3G, 4G or even SMS to upload data!
Involve the patient : While apps are designed for use of healthcare professionals, they allow healthcare professionals to be in touch with patients. The apps send SMS, automated phone calls, emails, to patients on their results, reminds them of appointments and sends them health communication material
GPS : All apps record GPS coordinate of delivery of care. This helps in locating the point of delivery and then allow generation of GIS analytics like heatmaps, multilayer analytics etc.
Logs of Usage : We produce detailed logs of usage of apps as it allows managers to look in details on what features are being used, how they are being used, where they are being used and by who. These allow managers to adapt and change applications and training to encourage usage
Remotely updatable : A great feature of Swasthya Slate App is how we update it. Update is performed through our novel methodology of using a custom scripting language called Public Health Scripting Language (PHSL). PHSL allows you to send only a file worth few kilobytes (<less than 50kb) to update an App the questions its ask and how it processes the results. Our custom PHSL allows you to upload files onto our server via the manager portal and then choose to beam it to all or selected Swasthya Slates. As the download is less than 50kb it will update the Apps with ease without any fuss!
Feedback from users : Apps are designed to collect feedback from healthcare professionals on all aspects of the app, its content and its usability. Even for health communication material we gather how much the professionals like a particular video or pamphlet and give us feedback! This is done randomly and doesn’t burden the frontline healthworker with requirements of continuous inputs but does provide a way for managers to be in constant touch with the field realities.
Mir for Managers : Managers have access to a portal called Management Information Resource-center or MIR for short. Mir helps managers to be dynamic, proactive and informed leaders of a public health system. The portal gives real time up to date information on how the services are being delivered, where are the reporting units, non-reporting units, heat maps etc. to radically empower the managers to take decisions. This portal is the key factor that enables both the ends of health delivery frontline health workers and managers to work with each other and interact through messages, uploaded guidelines and user feedback.
Language Support : The system currently works in Hindi, Urdu, Telegu and English. It also has keyboards in which you can type in English and it will automatically convert the text with high accuracy in Hindi! It also allows a question read out in various languages so if you are in an area where you cant speak the language you can still get an answer from people as the tablet will read out the question in say Telugu for you.
Social Networking and Supportive Supervision. The entire system is built not only to support care delivery but also encourage professional collaboration between frontline health workers and managers. In a moderated forum, frontline health workers can leave messages, ask questions, give answers and remain connected with the community. We also have functionality to have a call center for users that proactively calls the users asking them for feedback, solving their technology use issues and even providing basic support for delivery. This is an important aspect of our system and allows for continuous professional development and increased use and data reporting.

The following are some of the apps that we have on the system. Apps are added on a frequent basis and if you have an idea for an App, then let us know and we will make it!

Application Description

Patient Registration Application

This app registers the patient, gets their location and their picture. This allows for accountability. It also records next of kin contact information, nearest medical facility and medical personnel involved in care. It Produces a eSwasthya Card with a registration number that stores all their information on a cloud and provides basic information on card itself for healthcare professionals to use

Swasthya Slate Application

This app allows capturing of all the physiological information. This is a simple easy to use app which collects all the diagnostic information. The operation is simply to touch the button and then press play which appears on the next screen. It is an intuitive interface which allows all diagnostic information in a single trial or one can choose to only do a subset of the tests. It includes functionalities for handholding frontline health workers during the process of diagnosis and how to interpret the results.

Antenatal Care Application

This app contains the entire workflow of delivering antenatal care for expectant mothers. The app covers various aspects of ANC and is designed to automatically update itself and other app as the care is delivered. It has SMS based and automated call based support for mothers to remind them of their date of delivery, date of scheduled ANC and other events.

Intranatal care Application

This app has the ability for frontline health workers and doctors to monitor mothers in labour and allows the app to monitor upto 4 mothers simultaneously. The App allows Sp02, respiratory rate, temp, blood pressure among other things and allows for protocol driven care and care elevation if need be

Postnatal care Application

This app helps in follow up of mother and looking at long term health of the mother. Protocol driven care allows for personalized care

Immunization Application

The application is developed to bring attention to child immunization and to create a system for effective monitoring of infant and child healthcare. The FHWs can register all new infant births in their assigned region, schedule visits and create a profile of immunization history for each child. This application can also send immunization reminders to the parents through SMS and other modalities.


Adolescent Health

Completing the apps dedicated to Reproductive maternal newborn child and adolescent health, this app contains all the necessary diagnostics and protocols to treat adolescent. It helps in calculation of Iron and Folic Acid dosage, has health communication material and other features including social networking for adolescents.

Cardio Vascular Screening Application

This app uses PHFI protocol for assessing risk of cardiovascular complications and diabetes screening. It was developed by leading cardiologist of India Dr K Srinath Reddy  and President PHFI.

Nutrition Application

This app records a person’s nutritional intake and ensures that a record is kept of food intake and general food habits. This helps in linking diagnostics with the nutritional intake and is used in overall analysis. For example nutritional intake of mothers is monitored for assessing risks to mother and child and nutritional intake of cardiovascular risk patient helps assess their habits and how it can be changed to reduce risks. The output of this app produces a malnutrition map.

Dai Maa Application

This is an app that enables just in time education for healthcare workers. It allows healthcare workers to scan a device or drug and gets to a website that delivers them content on how to use the medical device or drug. This app also allows healthcare workers to network with each other by uploading questions on use or answering other member's questions. It is the first of a kind APP that enables both social networking and just in time help. It is coded in Hindi which is a national language in India.

Breakfast Planner

This is a patient education app modelled as a game. The idea is to ask mothers to design a healthy breakfast given goal amount of calories and nutritional intake. By choosing food items from the database, the mother can design a breakfast which is then checked for meeting goals. Mothers can play against each other through a social networking interface and also compete against themselves. This fun easy to use game is a novel way of teaching nutritional content and augments conventional methods of health communication.

Patient History

This app allows healthcare workers and patients to look at their historical data and see graphs. This helps in looking on data in a longitudinal manner, monitoring compliance and enabling a continuity of care model for patients. We can look at a patient profile and all the information we have collected for the patient. It is stored for as long as we like and can be erased on patients’ request.

Decision Support System Application

This app integrates data from all the apps analyses them using decision support tools and then generates recommendations for the patient. We have designed algorithms for 60 symptoms commonly seen in primary care including mental health issues and 11 chronic care conditions including diabetes, tuberculosis, ischemic heart disease and hypertension. The app helps the FHW to deliver basic care without support from a doctor and when required the doctor is sent the patient record and data automatically for referrals.

Hamara Mansooba (our Plan) App

This app helps and aids frontline health workers in planning their day and week as per health goals. The app allows them to know who the possible patients are, their geolocation, uses maps to suggest daily supply routes, shows them the material they must study and also allows for them to report their progress. It is designed to be their office assistant and we know they deserve one!

Health Communication Application

The Health Communication Application is a unique application devised to allow FHWs to deliver health communications to populations in an easy to use attractive system. The application is integrated with training videos, audios and PDFs. The material is available on the application in a way that the retention is higher and interests the FHWs as well as the populations. ¬†


ASHA Training app

The learning application has been created solely to empower FHWs. The application gives FHWs access to information, knowledge and training on how to deliver effective healthcare to populations.

Child Screening App

This app emulates the Rashtriya Bal Suraksha Karyakram of NRHM for new born screening. This app has got images to be used as a reference and to provide just -in-time training to the health workers.

Jaccha Baccha Suraksha Card app

This app lets the health worker to create an automatically filled up JBS card as provided by NRHM. This is a big relief for frontline health workers as it minimizes dual workload and ensures accuracy.